Heavenly Wood Proudly Announces Addition of New Funeral Furniture Line

October 28th, 2016

Funeral Furniture

Heavenly Wood recently added funeral and devotional furniture to its deep lineup of church furniture. Customers can now select from a wide assortment of Devotional Crucifix’s and Crosses, Casket Biers, Devotional Candlesticks, Funeral Registration Stand / Lecterns, Funeral Prayer Rails, Urn Stands, Devotional Prei Dieu Kneelers, Devotional Seating and more.

If there’s a funeral furniture item that you’ve been looking for but can’t find on our website, be sure to call us at 1-800-257-2968. We are here to help you create the proper atmosphere and setting for your religious funeral and devotional services. The following is a sampling of some of the new available funeral furniture models.

Model H672 Devotional Crucifix with Wood Stand

Model H672 Devotional Crucifix with Wood Stand

With a funeral service, especially one in a church environment setting, family and friends have the opportunity to commend the deceased to God’s mercy. A respectful way to show how the person’s life mirrored the love and teachings of Jesus Christ is with a Devotional Crucifix with Wood Stand. This beautifully designed model H672 Devotional Crucifix is handcrafted from real Northern Red Oak. Available wood stains include: Natural, Medium Oak, Rosewood, Pickled Oak, and Fruitwood.

Overall height comes in just under 6-1/2 feet tall (77″). The cross portion of the stand measures 18″ wide x 33″ tall.

F101 Traditional Casket Bier

F101 Traditional Casket Bier

A funeral casket bier is a stand on which the deceased is placed to be carried to the grave. In a Christian burial, the bier is often placed in the center of a church building or funeral home with candles surrounding it. A bier is often draped with cloth to lend dignity to the funeral service.

Wood: Northern Red Oak. Stains available: Natural, Medium Oak, Rosewood, Pickled Oak, Fruitwood. Top: 56″ wide x 20″ deep, Base: 66″ wide x 23″ deep, Height: 21.”

Devotional Candlesticks

Devotional Candlesticks

In the Roman Catholic Church, offerings were made to fulfill a vow made to God for deliverance. In a funeral setting, votives are lit candles. These are intended to be burnt as an offering in an act of Christian prayer for the deceased. Heavenly Wood offers a wide variety of beautiful votive devotional candlesticks to fit most any funeral service.

The H682 Candlestick is made from Northern Red Oak with available stains such as: Natural, Medium Oak, Rosewood, Pickled Oak and Fruitwood. This model measures 51″ high.


Funeral Registration Stand / Lecterns

The model E990 Registration Stand/lectern provides a convenient place for family and guests to sign in when attending a viewing or funeral service. This model is an excellent representation of the many registration stand styles that you may choose from. The E990 is crafted from Northern Red Oak. It comes in: Natural, Medium Oak, Rosewood, Pickled Oak or Fruitwood stains. The top of the stand measures 20″ wide x 16″ deep. The registration stand measures 52″ high.

Funeral Prayer Rail

Funeral Prayer Rails

We also recently added Funeral Prayer Rails. The model H694 Prayer Rail is made of Northern Red Oak and measures 44″ wide x 15″ deep at the base by 29″ high.

Urn Stand

Urn Stands

Urn Stands come in a wide array of models and tasteful designs. The model 880 Urn Stand, made from Northern Red Oak, is 27″ wide x 15″ deep x 45″ tall. It is available in several custom wood stains.

Devotional Prei Dieu Kneeler

Devotional Prei Dieu Kneelers

Devotional Prei Dieu Kneelers are available in several beautiful designs and made with added comfort and durability. The model 57 Prie Dieu Kneeler is 22″ wide x 32″ high. It is built from Northern Red Oak and available in several custom stain options.

Devotional Seating

Devotional Seating

The model 95 Church Chair is a beautiful representation of our tasteful, yet comfortable selection of Devotional Seating. The model 95 chair comes with a canted back for additional comfort. You can stacks this chair five high, if needed and it measures 20″ wide x 21″ deep x 32″ high. Available wood stains include: Amber, Antique Cherry, Dark Oak, Fruitwood, Harvest Oak, Light Oak, Limed Oak, Medium Oak, Natural Oak, Rosewood and Walnut. We also can provide you with a sample fabric swatch for this chair.

How To Find the Best Church Literature Display Rack

September 26th, 2016

Church Literature Display Rack

Searching for a literature display rack for your church? You may want to consider the following tips before deciding on a specific model. This may seem an unimportant task, but the right church literature display rack can help enhance your worship services and enrich the lives and spiritual education of your congregation.

First of all, you should decide on the printed material to display. You should determine what literature is best to feature and then the optimum size of the display unit. Display racks are available in various sizes and dimensions, from desktop, wall-mounted and freestanding floor models.

Do you plan to display pamphlets, magazines, brochures, business cards, leaflets, etc.? How about displaying more than one size or type of literature? There are some display models that let you feature more than one type and size of publication.

So, what type of display rack should you choose? Take a good look at the selected room and determine what wood stain fits the best. Many of our display racks are available in different colors and stains. Most wood stain samples are available upon request. If you cannot decide on a specific color, a clear acrylic display may be just what you need.

Countertop display racks attractively display media on any countertop or table. They make great magazine racks, brochure holders and literature display racks. These wooden magazine racks adjust to contain up to eight magazine slots and four brochure holders.

The nice thing about wall-mounted magazine racks and brochure holders is the fact they can save you space, they are easy to locate and they efficiently organize a wide variety of printed material. Some models have adjustable slots for the media you want to display. Some wood display racks have up to 20 pockets and as few as one.

Some product photos can be deceiving. Be sure the dimensions of the display rack fit your selected room. Then, you will also want to determine available space in your church lobby, office or other room.

You will also want to try to determine what your future display needs might be. You certainly do not want to invest in a church literature display rack that doesn’t provide room for additional material.

Be sure to contact Heavenly Wood at 1-800-257-2968 for help choosing your next church literature display rack.

What are the Best Paper Folding Machines for Churches?

September 15th, 2016

Intelli-Fold DE-102AF Paper Folder

Intelli-Fold DE-102AF Paper Folder

From time to time, we have a customer ask us for new paper folding machine recommendation. What model works best for most church paper folding needs? Well, Heavenly Wood is pleased to offer churches paper-folding machines from Intelli-Zone. The three following Intelli-Fold models seem to fit their needs and their budget the best.

One of the most popular paper folder models with churches and other similar organizations from the Intelli-Zone line is the Intelli-Fold DE-102AF. This durable paper-folding machine is not only affordable for churches, but it delivers reliable, consistent performance for years.

Our customers tell us time and again that the DE-102AF is fairly simple to set up and operate. You can manually adjust the machine’s folding plates to the style of letter fold you need. This model can do the following folds:

  • Single, or half V
  • Letter, or C
  • Accordion, or Z
  • Double Parallel
  • Gate
  • Half Accordion, fold out, engineering
  • Folding plates are simple to move and adjust. You can easily set the upper and lower folding plates on the DE-102AF in under a minute. This tried and tested model produces crisp and clean folds every time. It may be used with paper up to 8 1/2″ x 14″ in size, with thicknesses between 16# and 24#. A durable, solid metal construction ensures that the model DE-102AF will provide your church with trouble-free use for years to come.

    Intelli-Fold DE-112AF Paper Folder

    The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folder is the next step up from the DE-102AF model. This is one of our most popular machines used by several church offices in North America. The DE-112AF features a deep 500-sheet feed tray that holds a full ream of paper. This model can fold paper measuring up to 8.5” x 14”. It has the capability of performing a half dozen different folds including:

  • Single, or half V
  • Letter, or C
  • Accordion, or Z
  • Double Parallel
  • Gate
  • Half Accordion, fold out, engineering
  • The unit’s built-in jam detection system alerts you when a jam has occurred with audible sounds. The biggest difference between the DE-102AF and the DE-112AF is the automated exit tray conveyor. This helps keep folded letters, programs, bulletins, etc. in order. The affordable model DE-112AF combines a step up in quality and efficiency in a user-friendly design.

    DE-172AF Paper Folder

    The top church paper folding machine model offered by Intelli-Zone is the Intelli-Fold DE-172AF. This impressive paper folding machine expertly combines an auto-feeder with manual folding plates. The DE-172AF can give you some of the most accurate paper folds available.

    This impressive paper folder is ideal for most medium-volume paper folding needs. It easily handles church office paper folding tasks for a competitive price. In fact, it’s difficult to find a comparable competing model with the same features in its price range.

    The DE-172AF is a solid machine, expertly designed to operate as an accurate, reliable and dependable unit. It may be used on just about any office desktop and can fold paper as large as 11″ x 17″. This model will let you create the following folds:

  • Single, or half V
  • Letter, or C
  • Accordion, or Z
  • Double Parallel
  • Gate
  • Half Accordion, fold out, engineering
  • Be sure to contact Heavenly Wood today at 1-800-257-2968 to find out more about the Intelli-Fold line of paper folding machines.

    Heavenly Wood adds High-Quality Professional Amplivox Sound Presentation Systems

    September 8th, 2016

    AmpliVox Model B9151 Basic Audio Travel Partner

    Heavenly Wood is pleased to announce the recent addition of portable church sound systems from AmpliVox Sound Systems. AmpliVox is one of the leading manufacturers of portable sound systems today and we feel very fortunate to be one of their authorized dealers. They also build quality church lecterns and multimedia office workstations right here in the United States.

    Amplivox has built a solid reputation for specializing in high-quality professional sound presentation equipment. Amplivox models are easy to set up, deliver top-notch performance, and offer reliability and durability.

    A wide assortment of churches, businesses, government agencies and organizations across the country choose AmpliVox for their portable audio needs. Heavenly Wood has already sold Amplivox audio systems to religious entities, the hospitality industry, education, health care and public safety sectors.

    The nice thing about Amplivox sound systems is their portability and versatility. Public address systems and integrated wireless sound systems provide the ideal complement to any worship service, classroom, funeral, meeting, presentation, training seminar, conference … you get the idea.

    PA Systems from AmpliVox are portable, lightweight and easy to use either indoors our outside. Portable public address systems are designed to be powerful and meet sound reinforcement needs on the go. Simple to use and easy to operate PA equipment, AmpliVox battery powered PA systems make setting up an easy task whether you are indoors or outdoors.

    Amplivox manufactures portable PA systems for a wide variety of needs including:

  • Outdoor church services
  • School lectures and presentations
  • DJ, karaoke, auctioneers
  • Outdoor and indoor events
  • Vehicles: cars, trucks, etc.
  • iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops
  • Concerts
  • Confidently deliver your next presentation or successfully host a live event knowing you are heard clearly by all in attendance. Portable sound systems from Heavenly wood are versatile and offer a variety of multimedia options including CD players/recorders, projectors, iPod/iPhone, MP3 Players, computers and musical instruments.

    Amplivox also offers battery operated PA systems that feature a built-in rechargeable battery. They also have optional long-life NiCad rechargeable battery pack that can lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. Other systems available last over 200 hours using 10 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries.

    Be sure to contact Heavenly Wood at 1-800-257-2968 to order your Amplivox portable sound system today!

    Heavenly Wood Adds New Portable Church Stages and Risers

    August 31st, 2016

    Portable Church Stages and Risers

    Heavenly Wood recently expanded its line of church seating furniture to include a full array of portable church stages and risers to fill the needs of common church assembly events and a wide array of performances. Whether your church is searching for entire stage configurations, single height portable stages or multiple levels, Heavenly Wood gives you the best value with superior craftsmanship, competitive prices and timely shipping options.

    You now have the flexibility of combining stage models of the same height to create one large stage, or you could arrange progressive heights for seated band or choral riser configurations. Feel free to browse through a selection of stage surfaces including hardboard or carpeted (in your choice of red, black, blue or gray).

    Constructed with 16-gauge steel frames and premium, commercial grade plywood core, our lineup of portable hardboard or carpeted or stages are durable and built for years of use and abuse. Sturdy stage legs are made with 14-gauge tubular steel and feature easy-to-open; spring-loaded and close support brackets for quick set-up and takedown.

    Ideal for events that require choir or band participants’ attention directed to the center, our Portable Seated Riser configurations offered in ring, oval, or bow styles feature multiple stage sets and pie-shaped units. Guardrails are of course included for safety. Portable Seated Risers are ideal for maintaining an organized appearance at performances and to help you more effectively teach during practices.

    Transfix model stages measure 4’ x 4’ and may be easily adjusted size-wise to fit your needs. These platforms can be quickly moved, or rolled on the included caster wheels. Portable Choral Standing Risers are designed for easy to set up and quick arrangement for all sorts of productions and performances. These units seamlessly attach to one another to provide convenient multi level heights. Models available in both straight and tapered designs, thus allowing for continuous or semi-circle arrangements.

    The Trans-Port Riser model eliminates the need to set up multi-level risers. The Trans-Port is a unitized three-level carpeted choral riser that conveniently allows fast set up in merely seconds. This model includes built-in wheels, making it easy to transport the unit from one location to another, or to load into a vehicle. Built with 14-gauge legs, this model is strong, safe, and durable. The Trans-Port is constructed with sturdy aluminum frames, making it much lighter than a steel frame unit but just as strong. Multiple units may be connected, using straight or tapered units to create a variety of configurations.

    Be sure to ask us about our selection of stage and riser accessories. Some of these include steps, skirting, guardrails, stage dollies and chair guards. The stage dollies helps you conveniently and safely transport up to six stages (measuring 36″ or 48″) from one place to another. Built with 14-gauge tubular steel and rolls on four 5″ casters. Steps are constructed from high-grade plywood edged in vinyl T-molding. The manufacturer has also included polypropylene textured gray surface and handrails to prevent users from slipping. A black frame is built with 14-gauge steel tubing and clamps securely to the stage at any point. These units are thankfully easily assembled.

    Contact Heavenly Wood at 1-800-257-2968 to find out more about our large selection of church stages and risers.

    Introducing Blue Ridge Church Furniture

    August 25th, 2016

    Model 44 Baptismal Font

    Earlier this year, Heavenly Wood added to its large product lineup an impressive selection of quality church furniture from Blue Ridge Church Furniture. Blue Ridge is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted, old-fashioned style oak church furniture. Designed and built by experienced craftsmen in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Blue Ridge products are constructed according to tried and tested build techniques that have been passed down and developed over generations. Blue Ridge offers hundreds of styles of church furniture.

    Heavenly Wood features a vast selection of quality furniture online at competitive prices. We draw upon the efforts and talents of several companies in the United States that utilize a combination of old fashioned handcrafting and modern woodworking equipment. The end result is quality, cost-efficient furniture for churches and other similar organizations. Since its inception in 2001, Heavenly Wood has served thousands of congregations across the USA and in some foreign countries.

    Heavenly Wood continues to grow as a small business and is a global leader in the industry, thanks to quality church furniture lines from reputable manufacturers such as Blue Ridge. Blue Ridge makes a wide assortment of church furniture products including: podiums, church chairs, pulpits, communion tables, portable pews, altar ware, baptistries, ministers’ chairs and other worship necessities.

    One benefit of placing an order with Heavenly Wood for a Blue Ridge church furniture product is the competitive delivery cost. Blue Ridge has their very own fleet of delivery trucks that run weekly. This unique delivery process helps them provide heavily discounted shipping to the 48 continental states in the U.S. for most models. This is another way Heavenly Wood can offer churches a new quality furniture line bundled with the best customer service available in the industry. Be sure to call Heavenly Wood at 1-800-257-2968 today to find out more about Blue Ridge Church Furniture.

    Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Heavenly Wood’s Church Furniture

    August 17th, 2016

    Model 778 Exhorter Podium

    Founded in 2001, the owners of Heavenly Wood set out to build the best online source for church furniture. Little did they know that one day that effort would pay off with a leading website featuring the largest selection of church furniture and accessories available on the market. Heavenly Wood specializes in custom quality built, beautifully crafted, church furniture available at affordable prices.

    A large amount of our furniture is manufactured from the highest-grade FAS lumber available … the primary species is Northern Red Oak, sourced from sustainable forests in upstate New York. This type of special wood gives our furniture a distinct grain — the result is a unique, feel and look of its own.

    Located in Kaysville, Utah, 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Heavenly Wood ships to customers located throughout the world. Over the years we have continued to grow our product line, adding more church furniture to our website from leading manufacturers such as: Woerner Morgan Industries, Executive Wood, Wooden Mallet, Blue Ridge Church Furniture, AmpliVox, Flash Furniture, Safco and more.

    If you’re looking for long-lasting church furniture, you have come to the right place. Heavenly Wood offers fine, hand-carved church furniture and furnishings carved from high-quality wood. These fine, durable products offer excellent solutions for a wide array of churches, funeral homes, weddings, church services, sermons and mass needs. Whether it’s a wooden Christian cross or a magazine rack, we have it.

    You will find a wide assortment of church products from confessionals, lecterns, podiums, altars, magazine racks, baptismal fonts, church chairs, communion tables, confessional kneelers, credence tables, hymn boards, lecterns, literature racks, music stands, offering boxes, offertory tables, PA sound systems, prayer kneelers, pulpits, sacristy furniture, sanctuary seating, stackable chairs, stages and choral risers, wooden crosses, crucifixes and more. All of these may be customized to your needs for a wide selection of religious denominations.

    Heavenly Wood is your ultimate source for church furnishings. You may choose from a wide variety of wood finishes and fabric materials to personalize your order to fit your needs. Our approach is to work with you or your designer, modifying any of our standard pieces to produce exactly what you require. Our furniture can be widened, shortened, lengthened, have crosses added (or removed) and much more. Our furniture is available in multiple stains and fabrics.

    Heavenly Wood is the leading manufacturer and distributor of church furniture on the Internet. Our furniture is handmade and the quality is excellent. Our Heavenly Wood blog features news articles, information, tips, and helpful information on the latest in the church furniture industry. Be sure to check back from time to time for helpful articles and hints. We offer ideas and suggestions on how to beautify your church or sanctuary. Is there really that much interest in information about church furniture? You’d better believe there is! We receive hundreds of questions a month from customers on a wide range of church furniture topics – some which may especially be of interest to you.

    Be sure to take a closer look at Heavenly Wood today to see our latest church furniture and accessories.

    See Largest Acrylic Lectern Selection from Heavenly Wood

    August 10th, 2016

    Oklahoma Sound Clear Acrylic Podium 401S

    The wide selection of clear acrylic lecterns from Heavenly Wood not only provide dependable durability for years to come, but contemporary elegance that makes our product line stand out from the competition. Heavenly Wood offers hundreds of models of acrylic lecterns with a myriad of customization options.


    Dress up any meeting or conference room or church chapel with the eye-catching see-through appearance that only an acrylic lectern can deliver. Clear acrylic podiums are durable, simple to clean and offer a unique open feel to them. Our modern and traditionally designed acrylic pulpits and lecterns are typically found in churches corporate conference rooms, educational meeting rooms, conference centers, briefing rooms and more.


    Heavenly Wood’s vast acrylic lectern selection ranges from the conservatively designed Oklahoma Sound Clear Acrylic Podium model 401S to the rather large and ornate AmpliVox Model SN3560-WT Walnut Acrylic Lectern with Wood Frame.


    An ample reading surface offers you plenty of room to hold your presentation materials such as notes, books, electronic tablet device, laptop computer, etc. The attractive beauty of an acrylic lectern enhances your image so that your audience or congregation will pay closer attention, listen and remember.


    Most models are constructed with a sturdy base made of durable ¾” acrylic material and column. The book rest, or reading surface is made of ½” acrylic on most models. Other models include a combination of acrylic and wood or anodized aluminum. Most acrylic lectern models let you customize with your logo or other artwork. Most acrylic podium models ship fully assembled and come with a one-year or even a lifetime warranty.


    Be sure to contact Heavenly Wood today at 1-800-257-2968 to request more information about our acrylic lecterns.

    AmpliVox Model SN3560-WT Walnut Acrylic Lectern with Wood Frame

    Model 565 Baptismal Font Product Spotlight

    May 9th, 2014

    Model 565 Baptismal Font
    The model 565 Baptismal Font is one of our top-selling baptismal fonts. The 565 font features a long-lasting Formica top inlay with sturdy 12-inch stainless steel basin. The 565 baptismal font with greatly enhance your church baptismal and worship service experience.

    This beautiful piece of church furniture is carefully crafted from northern red oak from New York State. The design and beauty of the 565 baptismal font brings long-lasting, handmade quality to your church. Some may wonder why it sometimes takes up to six weeks to build a Woerner Morgan church furniture piece. That’s because the manufacturer takes great care in building, staining and curing each furniture piece before it goes out the door. Precise and experienced curing makes sure the wood in your church furniture does not crack or split due to varied humidity conditions throughout the U.S. From dry Nevada to humid Maine, Woerner Morgan church furniture is built to maintain its original form and construction no matter the climate.

    All Heavenly Wood church furniture is designed to significantly beautify any church environment. You may choose from a wide variety of wood stains. Be sure to ask for free samples to compare to your existing church furniture decor. If needed, dimension and design modifications may be made to the model 565 baptismal font. Be sure to contact Heavenly Wood today at 1-800-257-2968 about the 565 baptismal font.

    Three New Wood Oak Church Chairs Now Online

    January 19th, 2012

    Model 146 Wooden Celebrant / Sacnctuary ChairWe recently added three new Woerner wooden chairs to our site. This includes the Model 599, Model 146 and Model 147.We are excited to have these new additions on our site and consider them to be some of the best examples of wood church furniture available today.

    If you are not familiar with Woerner Morgan, their furniture is considered to be the best church furniture available, bar none. It holds up for years. Their furniture is made from durable oak and each piece is handcrafted. I would like to cover a few points on each of these three chairs.

    • Woerner 599 Celebrant Chair (found here) - This oak chair has a very modern look to it. What the to and arms feature square shapes and edges, half circles are integrated throughout the design of the chair. The combination of circles and squares is stunning and the end result is an extremely unique church chair. Custom modifications are available for this chair upon request.
    • Woerner 146 Celebrant ChairWoerner 146 Celebrant / Sanctuary Chair (found here) - The Woerner Model 146 has to be one of the nicest chairs we offer. It features striking oak wood grain combined with a high quality stain. This chair has a European-inspired design that has an almost medieval look. Many have commented that this chair is fit for a king and has an almost throne-like feel to it.  The regal finish on this chair is unprecedented. Few sanctuary / celebrant chairs are as beautiful and stunning as the Model 146. Notice the high arched back, the rounded pos tops and the tapered arm rests. This chair is full of intricate details. Custom modifications are available for this chair. Buy yours today!
    • Woerner 147 Celebrant ChairWoerner 147 Celebrant / Sanctuary Chair (found here) - The Model 147 is very similar in design and look to the Model 146, but without arms. This chair features a high back and elegant curves, bevels and designs. The padded chair is very comfortable and is available in a variety of different fabric patterns. This chair is made from solid oak, with natural wood grain showing through the wood stain finish. It is solid, durable and designed to hold up for years if not decades. Custom modifications are available for the Model 147. Order now.

    We are excited to have these three new chairs on our site and will continue adding more high-quality church furniture in the coming months. You can find our entire selection of church furniture here.